Founders Flash

This week’s articles and video discuss how to minimize risk when crowdfunding on Kickstarter, explain why early stage funding can be detrimental to your business’ success, identify three types of people you need on your start-up team, and offer 13 lessons from on how to be creative in business.

How to Minimize Risk When Crowdfunding on Kickstarter – Mashable

Crowdfunding often means fast money, but taxes and liability can make it a challenging source of capital.

The Dangers of Getting Too Much Funding Too Quickly – Open Forum

In this video, founder Joshua Coates explains how funding can harm your business in its early stages.

3 People You Need on a Start-up Team – Gabrielle Karol, Fox Small Business

In addition to a CEO with a great idea, a start-up needs a hacker, a hustler and a designer.'s 13 Lessons on How to Be Creative in Business – Wired

Here are 13 lessons on how to be creative in business from musician-turned-tech-investor, William Adams.

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