Founders Flash

This week’s articles profile a boarding school for tech-world hopefuls, discuss how academic institutions can’t keep up with entrepreneurial students, examine the impact that state and local governments have on innovation, and provide advice for start-ups seeking legal counsel.

Up, Up, and Away! Draper University Silicon Valley – Kevin Roose, New York Magazine

A look at Draper University of Heroes, Silicon Valley’s newest and most unconventional boarding school for aspiring tech moguls.

MIT's Bill Aulet on Why Entrepreneurship Could Face a Backlash – Kyle Alspach, Boston Business Journal

The demand for entrepreneurship education and mentorship is going up exponentially, but quality supply can't keep up, says MIT Entrepreneurship Center director Bill Aulet.

The New Innovation Battlegrounds Are City Hall and The State House - Julius Genachowski and Zachary Katz, Forbes

Across the country, new ventures harnessing technology and city and state governments are engaged in battles with major consequences for the future of the Internet and the U.S. innovation economy.

Here’s Some Real Advice About Hiring a Lawyer for Your Start-up – Josh King, GeekWire

The General Counsel of Avvo says start-ups need different types of legal services as they grow.

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