Founders Flash

This week’s articles give advice on how to form a start-up without help from a VC, list nine steps to prepare your business for a quick sale, discuss why you should hold off on giving your business plan to investors until it’s requested, and outline four stages that will lead to successful content marketing.

How to Build Your Start-up When No VC Will Help You –Jules Pieri, Quartz

Here are some lessons on how to keep a thinly-funded start-up alive without help from a VC.

9 Steps To Get Your Business Ready For A Quick Sale – Mike Michalowicz, Open Forum

If you’re ready to sell your business, these nine steps can help you improve your chances of making a strong sale.

Why You Shouldn't Send Your Business Plan to Investors – Dave Lavinsky, Entrepreneur

Sending your business plan to investors rarely helps secure funding – here’s what you should do instead.

4 Steps to Jumpstart Your Content Strategy – Steve Sachs, iMedia Connection

Four steps to help you create content, get it seen, control the business outcome and secure revenue.

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