Founders Flash

This week’s articles recommend strategies to help grow your start-up into a powerhouse, profile a website that allows nascent companies to buy health insurance and supplemental policies for employees, suggest 50 interview questions to ask when hiring for your sales team, and discuss the art of pivoting and how making changes allows you to mature as an entrepreneur.

How to Grow Your Start-up Into a Powerhouse in Less Than 3 Years – Jim Joseph, Entrepreneur

Setting goals is crucial to your company’s success, even if day to day challenges require you to remain flexible.

A Health Insurance Offer for the Busy Start-Up – Robb Mandelbaum, The New York Times

The Young Entrepreneur Council has established FreelancerHealthcare and SmallBusinessInsurance to help start-ups purchase insurance.

50 Interview Questions For Hiring Your Next Sales Superstar – Ken Sundheim, Open Forum

These 50 questions will help you make stronger decisions when hiring for your sales team.

The Art of the Pivot: How to Cut Your Losses and Move On – Jerry Jao, Venture Beat

Pivoting, or changing your business’ structural course, allows you to mature as an entrepreneur and teaches valuable lessons.

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