Founders Flash

This week’s articles profile a tech start-up that allows you to charge your smartphone with fire, discuss the future of successful entrepreneurship, stress the importance of recognizing and utilizing intrapreneurs, and explain how’s founder managed to raise $325 million in funding after his first venture went bust.

Charge It With Fire! FlameStower Turns Your Campfire Into A USB Phone-Charger – Natasha Lomas, Tech Crunch

FlameStower has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get its fire-fueled USB charger to market.

The Future of Entrepreneurship & Business – Jason Nazar, Forbes

The rules of business are changing – here’s a few predictions on what the future brings for entrepreneurs.  

Recognize Intrapreneurs Before They Leave - Vijay Govindarajan and Jatin Desai , Harvard Business Review

There are a lot of great ideas floating around your company, and if you find the right intrapreneurs, they can help you strengthen your business.

How’s Jason Goldberg Hustled His Way to $325 Million – Danielle Sacks, Fast Company

After vaporizing $48 million on his first venture, Jason Goldberg still managed to receive $325 million in funding for

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