Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss how start-ups are finding employees when their target hires want to be entrepreneurs, probe Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on preserving start-up culture at a growing company, identify warning signs that you are letting entrepreneurship ruin your personal life, and suggest a hobby that will help frazzled executives rejuvenate.

Start-ups Seek Out Workers Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs – Caitlin Huston, Wall Street Journal

In order to attract top technical talent, start-ups are attempting to appeal to prospective hires’ entrepreneurial side.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s Unexpected Advice on Preserving Start-up Culture in Your Company – Cory M. Grenier, iDoneThis

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says your responsibility is to evolve the culture of your company, not to preserve it.

Warning Signs That Your Start-up Is Ruining Your Life – Lewis Howes, Entrepreneur

Don’t let tunnel vision for your work cause you to lose sight of everything else that’s important in life.

The Hobby Every Frazzled Executive Should Take Up – Michael Mortiz, Linkedin

Painting is one pastime that will clear your mind and lift your spirits, even if art has never been your forte.

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