Founders Flash

This week's articles recap the first twelve months in the life of a start-up, examine one founder’s legal battle against patent infringement claims, reveal the challenges Twitter faced in its early start-up days, and offer five lessons on marketing for a cash-strapped, early-stage start-up. A Tech Start-up Recap, 12 Months In - Drew Meyers, pandodaily The first twelve months of a start-up recapped - mistakes, pivots, funding and successes. Start-up Founder Sees a Troll Behind Patent Lawsuit - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times Start-up founder Kevin O’Connor fights against purported patent trolls, which threaten to kill his business. All Is Fair in Love and Twitter - Nick Bilton, New York Times The not-so-romantic tale of how Twitter became Twitter, and the personality clashes and deceit that both jeopardized and fueled its success. 5 Lessons for Marketing Your Cash-Strapped, Early-Stage Start-up - Matthew Shampine, FullStart Here’s some advice on how to market your start-up when you’re pressed for time and cash.

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