Founders Flash

This week’s articles explain how to sell your idea in less than three minutes, identify six flaws in the ‘lean start-up’ model, analyze why compensation and pricing plans hold more value than a business plan, and offer advice on how to get the most out of your investors.

How to Sell Your Idea in Less Than 3 Minutes – Peter Cohan, Inc.

Here’s how to master the ‘rocket pitch,’ a three-minute, three-slide presentation focusing on the opportunity, the market, and the business model.

6 Things Wrong with the ‘Lean Start-up’ Model (And What to Do About It) – Michael Sharkey, VentureBeat

‘Lean start-up’ has become a popular phrase, but Bislr co-founder, Michael Sharkey, finds six major faults with the concept.

Forget Business Plans; Here’s How to Really Size Up a Start-up – Jim Dougherty, Harvard Business Review

Compensation and pricing plans are more crucial to understanding a firm’s strategy than its business plan.

To Get the Most Out of Your Investors, Turn Them into Rubber Ducks – Phin Barnes, Sneakerhead VC

Here’s how to turn your investor into a rubber duck, so that they draw out your best solutions, rather than engaging in prescriptive debugging.

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