Founders Flash

This week’s articles explain how dreaming big increases motivation, offer start-up lessons extracted from a recent Eagles documentary, address declining customer service ratings, and discuss new rules proposed by the SEC that aim to develop equity crowdfunding.

How “Dreaming Big” Helps You As An Entrepreneur – Victor Ijidola, Under30CEO

Dreaming big instills the passion for your work that fuels motivation and productivity.

Start-up and Career Lessons From The Eagles – Dharmesh Shah, Linkedin

The story of the Eagles is much like the story of the people behind a start-up.

Customer Service Gets Even Worse – Catey Hill, Market Watch

An increasing number of consumers claim that bad service is prompting them to change loyalties.

New Equity Crowdfunding Rules Could Change Startup Game – Kurt Wagner, Mashable

The SEC has put forward rules that, if passed, would allow donors to crowdfund in exchange for company equity.

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