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This week’s articles discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s experiences with Facebook since it launched, the role of start-up companies in creating jobs, tips from Twitter co-founders on managing their personal and professional lives, and multinationals’ growing interest in venture capital.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's Triumphs and Tribulations – Jason Fell, Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg talks about the successes and failures that Facebook has experienced over the years.

Entrepreneurs Are Job Creators – Zach Cutler, Huffington Post

Start-up companies have been large contributors to job creation in the U.S. over the past few years.

Balancing a Startup and Kids? Twitter Co-Founders Suggest Calendars, Not Bars – Eliza Kern, GigaOm

The co-founders of Twitter offer their advice on how they balance their work and personal lives.

Multinationals Stake a Claim in Venture Capital – Evelyn M. Rusli, The New York Times

Companies operating in several countries have been playing a large role in venture capital with a great interest in innovation and emerging technologies.

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