Founders Flash

This week’s articles question if eager investors are overvaluing tech start-ups, weigh the pros and cons of going on ‘Shark Tank,’  guide retailers through the steps of a successful holiday email marketing campaign, and explain why every start-up should consider a multilingual strategy.

Disruptions: Are Eager Investors Overvaluing Tech Start-Ups? – Nick Bilton, New York Times

Enthusiasm may once again be getting ahead of reality in the tech industry.

The Pros and Cons of Going on 'Shark Tank' – Inc.

For many entrepreneurs, an appearance on ‘shark tank’ is the dream, but it could end up killing your business.

Retailers: Leaving Your Holiday Emails To Chance? –Jeff Batte, DEG Digital

Christmas is only eight weeks away – what is your retail business doing to step up its email marketing?

Why Every Start-up Should Consider a Multilingual Strategy – Fernando Cuscuela, Venture Beat

If your start-up is looking for a new competitive advantage, a multilingual presence may be the answer.

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