Founders Flash

This week’s articles address when your start-up should seek media coverage, list three best practices for start-up hiring, stress the importance of varying content across multiple social media platforms, and discuss what makes a management-VC relationship productive.

When Your Start-up Should Seek Media Coverage – Paula Bischoff, Mashable

Here’s a breakdown of when you should send out a request for media coverage, and when you should hold off.

3 Best Practices For Start-up Hiring - Nibletz

When hiring, understand the difference between senior and junior hires, take your time, and don’t underestimate the importance of a personality fit.

Why Your Brand Sounds Like a Parrot on Social Media – Tracy Sestili, Social Media Today

Give your customers a reason to follow you on all of your social media platforms by supplying different information on each.

What Makes For The Most Productive Management-VC Partnership? – Fred Wilson, AVC

A lesson to VCs on how to create the most productive partnership with entrepreneurs.

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