Founders Flash

This week’s articles evaluate loss ratios and what they imply about a VC’s performance, explain why start-ups need D&O insurance, discuss how to show VCs what your competition looks like, and argue that marketing trumps technology when starting up.

Loss Ratios In Early Stage VC – Fred Wilson, AVC

High loss ratios indicate a VC’s willingness to take risks and ability to recognize when it’s time to move on.

Snapchat: Proof that Start-ups Need D&O Insurance – Carl Niedbala, FounderShield

The Snapchat lawsuit stands as proof that start-ups should consider Directors and Officers Insurance.

Here’s How to Show VCs What Your Competition Looks Like – Steve Blank, Venture Beat

A petal-diagram, as opposed to a traditional X/Y graph, is the ideal way to show a VC what your start-up’s competition looks like.

Stanford vs. MIT: How Marketing Trumps Technology In Start-ups – Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes

A growing start-up should focus more on market development than technology development.

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