Founders Flash

This week’s articles evaluate the risk in hiring an outside developer rather than co-founding with a technical expert, explain how past mistakes can lead to future innovation, give advice to start-ups on how to get acqui-hired by a larger company, and advise how to integrate your traditional and social media marketing strategies.

My Biggest Mistake: Launching a Tech Company Without a Technical Co-Founder – Ryan Buckey, Inc.

Hiring an outside developer to build your start-up places a huge financial burden on your company.

When Planning for the Future, Keep Your Past in Perspective – Debra Kaye, Entrepreneur

The best innovations aren’t in the undiscovered; they’re grounded in an understanding of the past.

Attention Start-ups: Here's How To Get Acqui-Hired By Google, Yahoo Or Twitter –Robert Hof, Forbes

Here’s what folks from Google, Yahoo and Twitter are looking for in an acqui-hire.

Don’t Limit Your Start-up Marketing To Social Media – Martin Zwilling, Startup Professional Musings

Traditional and social media marketing should not be mutually exclusive.

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