Founders Flash

This week’s articles explain how to make your first hire a less terrifying experience, identify the top 100 Twitter accounts to follow in 2014, discuss how to balance entrepreneurship and fatherhood, and offer seven lessons in lean start-ups.

How to Make Your First Hire Less Terrifying – Karim Abouelnaga, Entrepreneur

Eventually you have to give up some control, but handing off work doesn’t have to be so scary.

100 Must Follow on Twitter 2014 – Vala Afshar, Slideshare

The top Twitter accounts to follow for business, leadership and tech.

How I Balance Entrepreneurship and Fatherhood – Anson Sowby, YEC

Juggling a business and parenthood is a challenge, but parenting can make you a better entrepreneur.

7 Lean Start-up Lessons for Every Entrepreneur – Michael Hughes, CoFounders Lab

Here are the seven top takeaway from last week’s Lean Start-up Conference.

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