Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the potential of a ‘verbal’ Internet accessible by telephone, offer alternatives to the outdated “waterfall model” for raising venture financing, explain how to manage a PR nightmare, and recap the three acts of Congress that saved Pandora. A Verbal Internet Lets Unconnected People Call In Their Emails And Searches – Sydney Brownstone, Fast Company A project is in the works to create a ‘verbal’ Internet for those living in regions of the world where access is difficult. Why Is Your Fundraising Process ‘Waterfall’ When Your Start-up Is ‘Lean’? – Gaurav Jain, VentureBeat Try applying ‘lean’ start-up principles to fundraising to increase your odds of success. The Start-up Guide to Screwing Up – Say Weissman, Digiday Snapchat’s recent security breach teaches some important lessons in PR. It Only Took Three Acts of Congress to Save Pandora – Michael Carney, PandoDaily Your start-up idea might be hard to pull off, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

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