Founders Flash

This week’s articles recommend how to make the most out of marketing swag, discuss ways to gain start-up traction on a budget, offer lessons in asking for help, and explain how to overcome vulnerability.

Does Your Start-up Give Away Too Many Freebies? – Max Knoblaugh, Mashable

Select and distribute your swag thoughtfully to cut marketing costs and increase engagement.

Gaining Start-up Traction on a Budget – Kristen Green, Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur with a small team and few resources, here are some ways you can show effective traction.

5 Reasons To Stop Doing Everything All By Yourself – Erika Napoletano, Open Forum

That “all by yourself” attitude might be killing your business.

How I Turned Vulnerability Into Career Success – Mallory Blair, the Daily Muse

Youth and inexperience will not hurt your business if you work hard and hire the right people.

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