Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss how venture capital investments are shaking up the consumer product market, offer key takeaways from start-ups that failed, address how to handle criticism on social media, and explain why one VC thinks start-ups should skip out on accelerators.  

No Industry Is Safe From VC Disruption – Jonathan Shieber

Venture capital investments are shaking up competition in the consumer product market.  

Most Start-ups Fail. You Just Never Hear About Them. – Patrick Coffee, PRNewser

With success stories in overabundance, here are some key takeaways from a start-up that failed and one that came close.

You Tweeted What About My Company?! – Erik Sherman, Inc.

Engaging employees on social media is a great marketing tactic, but comes at the risk of receiving damaging press.

Most Accelerators 'Take Advantage' of Start-ups, VC Chris Lynch Says - Kyle Alspach, Boston Business Journal

VC Chris Lynch explains why he thinks accelerators are taking advantage of start-ups.

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