Founders Flash

This week’s articles explain some possible consequences of serial entrepreneurship, list five things to know about patents for start-ups in the fashion industry, discuss the tech ecosystem in France, and offer advice on how to prepare for a press meeting.

I Battled Serial Entrepreneurship and Won – FullStart, WeWork

Focusing your efforts on one start-up greatly increases your chance of success.

In Fashion? 5 Things to Know About Patents – Teresa Novellino, Upstart Business Journal

If you’re starting up in fashion, here are five things to know about patents.

Welcome To The French Tech Ecosystem – Romain Dillet, Tech Crunch

Strict labor laws and high taxes aside, France may actually be a great place to start up.

Every Start-up Needs To Be Ready To Meet The Press – Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

The media spotlight can make or break you, so learn how to deal with the press early on.

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