Founders Flash

This week's articles suggest questions that will help gauge employee engagement, evaluate how stealth IPOs are shaking up the tech industry, identify ten start-ups to watch in 2014, and explain why you shouldn't start a company with the goal of being acquired.

12 Questions to Gauge Employee Engagement – Ilan Mochari, Inc.

Asking your employees these 12 questions will help you gauge engagement and overall satisfaction.

The New Normal’ for Tech Companies and Others: The Stealth I.P.O. – David Gelles and Michael J. De La Merced, The New York Times

Last year almost eighty percent of IPOs were filed confidentially, benefiting smaller companies while putting investors at greater risk.

Under the Radar: 10 Start-ups to Watch in 2014 – Jason Fell, Entrepreneur

Here are ten start-ups to look out for in 2014.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start a Company with the Goal of Being Acquired – Jeff Thermond, Venture Beat

Your tech company is unlikely to succeed if your focus is on being acquired rather than building a great product.

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