Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the experiences of a 19-year-old venture capitalist, the reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to be acquired by other companies, the biggest things founders sacrificed in order to succeed, and how entrepreneurs can use comedy for their businesses.

20 Life-Changing Realizations From the World’s Youngest VC – Alex Banayan, VentureBeat

A 19-year-old venture capitalist shares his experiences, realizations and lessons he learned as a teenaged businessman.

‘We’ve Been Acquired!’ – Zoe Chace, Planet Money (NPR)

Why entrepreneurs would rather be acquired by other companies than go public.

What’s the Hardest Thing You Ever Had To Do? – Scott Gerber, ReadWriteWeb/Start

Founders share the hardest things they’ve had to do in order to build their businesses.

Why Your Small Business Should Think Like a Comedian – Christine Erickson, Mashable

Five tips from the funniest comedians that small business owners can learn from and use.

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