Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“You embrace the uncertainty and discomfort. Lots of people avoid these two things, but without them, you never get good at anything. You never learn anything worthwhile. Embrace these things and grow.” – How to Push Past that Terrifying Dip in Motivation, Leo Babuta, Fast Company

“Launching a highly successful Kickstarter project may be a good way to increase your enterprise's visibility, as well as generate a customer base, prior to searching for seed funding.” - How to Get Traction for Your Startup and Funding, Murray Newlands, Inc.

“When you start a company everything is going to feel like a mess. And it really should. If you have too much process, too much predictability, you are probably not innovating fast enough and creating enough. So it should feel like every day there is a new problem and what you are doing is fundamentally triaging.” – How to Start a Startup, Sam Altman, Startup Class

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