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This week’s articles discuss how to operate your company as it outgrows start-up status, methods of recruiting and hiring top talent, tips on avoiding common mistakes made by small businesses, and topics that are likely to arise in the entrepreneurial community in 2013.

Staying Small While Getting Big – Aaron Levie, Linkedin

The best run companies are able to maintain a start-up feel while operating at scale.

5 Smart Sources for Finding the Best Start-up Talent – Shawn Graham, Fast Company

While recruiting can be a challenge in the start-up community, there are a number of ways to hire effectively.

Entrepreneur’s Dish: 3 Start-up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Katie Morrell, Open Forum

Entrepreneurs address some of the biggest and most common small business mistakes and how they can be averted.

13 Start-up Headlines You Will Undoubtedly Read in 2013 – Zach Davis, Tech Cocktail

As we gear up for the new year, here are 13 headlines experts think you’re likely to read in 2013.

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