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This week’s articles profile a VC who learned to invest by becoming an entrepreneur, consider the dedication and long hours successful entrepreneurs invest in their business, share a clever way a start-up is notified when its Twitter handle is mentioned, and discuss how the Olympics can teach businesses to build their own dream team.

Value Added: A Venture Capitalist Learned to Invest in Entrepreneurs by Becoming One First – Thomas Heath, The Washington Post

John Backus, managing partner at New Atlantic Ventures, talks about why it’s important to live in an entrepreneur’s shoes before you can invest in one.  

Startup’s Newsroom Lights Up With Every Twitter Mention – Lauren Indvik, Mashable

A startup engineered a light bulb that lights up every time someone mentions @quartznews on Twitter.

Early Birds Catch the Worm: The Entrepreneurial Life and Why it is Better Than the 9 to 5 – Under30CEO

While the life of an entrepreneur is definitely not easy, the passion, drive and enthusiasm an entrepreneur has for an idea and company will help push to work the late nights and early mornings.

How to Create Your Own Dream Team in Business – Nadia Goodman, The Daily Dose (Entrepreneur)

Businesses can learn how to build their own dream team from the Olympics.

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