Founders Flash

Some highlights from this week’s articles:

“Mobile is not just an industry in and of itself. It is also the foundation upon which an impressive array of industries—new and old—have taken root and flourished.” – The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive a Trillion-Dollar Impact, BCG Perspectives

“When you try hard to stay true to who you are—especially as a leader—Ibarra says you end up focusing your time and energy on what you know really well and you get into this ‘authenticity trap,’ which stops you from evolving.” – Why “Being Authentic” Is Holding You Back, Vivian Gang, Fast Company

“Sometimes a smaller, tight-knit community may serve you better, especially if the location in question has great programs and incentives (like grants and tax credits) for startups in your sector.” – Taking Your Startup to the Next Level Doesn't Mean You Have to Take It Somewhere New, Amanda Parker, Entrepreneur

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