Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss common ways to mishandle a pitch, examine the importance of promotion for venture capital firms, share a story from a founder who chose business over friendship for his company’s success, and profile a retired entrepreneur who shares his experiences over the years.

Five Ways to Screw Up Your Startup’s Pitch – Ben Parr, CNET

A list of five common ways entrepreneurs fall flat with their pitches.

Venture Capital Firms, Once Discreet, Learn the Promotional Game – Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times

The importance of self-promoting for venture capital firms has made a shift in recent years from being a practice that is frowned upon to venture capitalists now hiring full-time public relations experts and embracing social media.

When to Say Goodbye to a Founding Partner – Leigh Buchanan, Inc.

With added pressure to grow and different visions for the company’s growth, a founder chose his company over friendship.

30 Minutes Inside the Mind of 8-time Entrepreneur Steve Blank – Christina Farr, Venture Beat

Retired entrepreneur Steve Blank talks about his struggles and successes as an entrepreneur over the years and shares his thoughts on the evolution of Silicon Valley.

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