Founders Flash

This week’s articles question how to elevate the role of women in tech, discuss the disconnect between entrepreneurs and the government, profile the Young Entrepreneur Council, and provide tips on using technology to drive business.

Fast Forwarding Women in Tech – Jack Hidary and Cindy Padnos, CNNMoney

A list of specific recommendations that we can implement to accelerate the pace of women in high-tech.

Government Needs a Trip to Startup Land – Marvin Ammori and Stephanie Nguyen, Wired

To bridge the disconnect between our nation’s tech entrepreneurs and Washington, D.C.’s policymakers, we should transport government officials to the land of startups, both physically and psychologically.

Inside America’s Most Elite Entrepreneur Organization -  Ilya Pozin, Forbes

A sneak peek into the Young Entrepreneur Council.

5 High-Tech Tips to Boost Your Business Overnight – Scott Steinberg, Huffington Post

Five high-tech tools and services that can potentially help score more customers and send ROI soaring.

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