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This week’s articles discuss how to get more women in tech, profile an entrepreneur who succeeded by changing direction, question why start-ups are choosing San Francisco over Silicon Valley, and consider a variety of approaches to start-up funding.

Google Execs on the Future of Women in Tech – Maeghan Ouimet, Inc.

A panel of top female execs from Google tackle a question that routinely circulates in Silicon Valley: Where are all the women in tech?

How One Entrepreneur Decided to Keep Going – Deborah Gage, Wall Street Journal

AOL veteran Jon Jackson started his company, Mobile Posse, in 2005, but after a couple of years he decided he needed to change direction.

Why Are Startups Flocking To SF? There’s No More Room In Silicon Valley – Derek Andersen, TechCrunch

If the heart of Silicon Valley is losing its allure to startups, why is there no real estate space available?

The 10 Best Sources of Cash to Start Your Business – Martin Zwilling, Startup Professional Musings

Start-ups need to explore more common and more productive approaches to funding.

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