Founders Flash

This week’s articles include thoughts from an Andreessen Horowitz investor on working with technical founders, provide tips on succeeding as a part-time entrepreneur, feature advice from LinkedIn’s co-founder on applying start-up strategies to your career, and discuss how colleges are putting more focus on entrepreneurship.

Andreessen Horowitz’s Peter Levine on Coaching Entrepreneurs and Upending the Enterprise – Chris Albrecht, GigaOM

Andreessen Horowitz investor talks about how he works with technical founders as well as the innovation and opportunities he sees in the cloud computing space.

6 Tips for Making It Work as a Part-Time Entrepreneur – Matthew Toren, Entrepreneur

Getting a business up and running before letting go of a regular paycheck may be the best course.

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman: Why You Should Run Your Career Like a Startup – Ethan Mollick, Knowledge@Wharton

In his new book, the LinkedIn co-founder argues that professionals must draw on the lessons of Silicon Valley startups to accelerate their careers.

How Colleges Are Becoming Entrepreneurial – Dan Schawbel, TechCrunch

More and more students are starting their businesses in college and graduating into full-time entrepreneurs.


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