Founders Flash

This week’s articles discuss the importance of separating personal and business finances, provide creative ways to fund a business, consider why selling your company won’t buy you happiness, and discuss the traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs.

A Common Personal Finance Mistake New ‘Treps Make – Catherine Clifford, Entrepreneur

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is not keeping their personal and business finances separate.

5 Creative Ways to Raise Money (Without Giving up Equity) – Carlos Solorio, Under30CEO

The founder of a custom menswear company that raised $60,000 over 3 months without giving up a single share lists the best ways to fund your business without giving up equity.

Selling Your Company Won’t Make You Happy – Jessica Stillman, Inc.

A veteran of two acquisitions offers a reality check for fellow founders, reminding them they shouldn’t be in the start-up game just for the payout.

Startup Investor Whitney Johnson Helps You Answer The Question “Are You A True Entrepreneur?” – Kathy Caprino, Forbes

A leading investor discusses the top seven traits found in successful entrepreneurs.

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