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This week’s articles explore fundraising challenges for female entrepreneurs, discuss the increase in popularity of business accelerators, provide advice on getting through the first year as an entrepreneur, and share tips for small business owners on limiting person liability.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Don't Receive Funding – Candida Brush, Forbes

A study comparing women’s and men’s entrepreneurship in 59 economies around the world found that women tend to close their businesses because they have challenges in getting funding.

Start-Ups Crowd 'Accelerators' – Sarah Needleman and Emily Maltby, Wall Street Journal

Applications to some of the roughly 200-plus business "accelerators" world-wide have more than doubled in the past two years.

How to Survive Your Start-up's First Year – Penelope Trunk, Inc.

Tips on how to make your first year as an entrepreneur less terrifying.

The Beginner's Guide to an LLC - Nellie Akalp, OPEN Forum

Six ways to make sure your corporation or LLC stays in compliance for years to come.

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