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This week’s articles discuss how crowdfunding will affect VC’s, highlight the trend of employees leaving hot start-ups to fund new ones, profile Andreessen Horowitz’s stealth scout program, and examine Zuckerberg-like stock structures that give founders more votes than new shareholders.

Fred Wilson: What Crowdfunding Means for the VC Business - Ki Mae Heussner, GigaOM

Fred Wilson believes that balance of power in the start-up ecosystem is shifting and, as it does, venture capitalists must rethink their role.

A Circle of Tech: Collect Payout, Do a Start-Up – Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Every public offering creates a new circle of tech magnates with money to invest.

Andreessen Horowitz Confirms Its Scout Program, Calls Out Lazy Angels Who Hate Competition – Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily

Andreessen Horowitz Partners confirmed that it has been operating a stealthy scout program.

Zuckerberg Grip Becomes New Normal in Silicon Valley - Jeff Green and Ari Levy, Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s majority control over Facebook Inc. has become the new normal in Silicon Valley as entrepreneurs’ desire to hold sway trumps shareholder power.

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