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This week’s articles highlight what entrepreneurs can learn from the Instagram sale, discuss a plan for start-up pop-up stores in Boston, profile online-razor selling start-up Dollar Shave Club, and share tips on how to follow the “Lean Startup Model.”

Top 3 Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs from Instagram’s $1 Billion Sale - Puneet Lakhi, Under30CEO

As one of the best success stories of our generation, Instagram is the perfect case study for young entrepreneurs who want to know how they can break it big themselves someday.

Pop-up Store for Startups - Donna Goodison, Boston Herald

POPstart temporary “pop-up” stores will give start-ups an opportunity to introduce and sell their products and services for two days in a Boston storefront.

A David and Gillette Story – Emily Glazer, Wall Street Journal

Dollar Shave Club, a recently launched online-razor seller, bet big and has a made a big impression with a comical YouTube video.

How To Launch a Lean Startup: The Apptopia Story – Matthew E. May, OPEN Forum

Apptopia co-founder Jonathan Kay breaks down his strategy for launching a lean start-up.

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