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This week’s articles highlight legal priorities for start-ups, discuss whether venture capital is always the best option, profile big data start-up Kaggle, and outline what the JOBS Act means for crowdfunding.

Getting it on Paper: 3 Legal Must-Dos for Your Start-up - Nithya Das and John Egan, The Daily Muse

The most important legal issues to get right from the get-go.

Why Venture Capital Isn’t Always the Answer for Start-Ups – Deborah Gage, WSJ Digits Blog

Hot Internet technologies are producing waves of new start-ups, but for many of these young companies, venture capital is the wrong answer, at least in the beginning.

From Intern to Venture-Backed Entrepreneur With a Little Help From Big Data – Gwen Moran, Entrepreneur

Founded by an Economist Magazine intern, Competition site Kaggle makes predictive modeling more effective and efficient.

The JOBS Act's Real Impact On Crowdfunding - Ryan Caldbeck, Forbes

With the passage of the JOBS Act, it is very likely the SEC will take a hardline approach on investor protection.

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