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This week’s articles highlight the benefits of the JOBS Act for start-ups, consider how entrepreneurship may help Greece’s troubled economy, discuss how the latest Y Combinator event gave start-ups the upper hand with investors, and feature a new networking idea from a big VC firm.

With Passage of JOBS Act, Steve Case, AngelList Founder and Others Look Forward to a Less-regulated Start-up World - Olga Khazan, Washington Post

The JOBS Act may make it easier for start-ups to raise money and go public in a number of different ways.

Trying to Inject Entrepreneurship Into the Greek Economy – Jessica Bruder, New York Times

Some think entrepreneurship is the only way out of Greece’s economic troubles.

Standing Room Only at Y Combinator Event Puts Startups in Driver’s Seat – Douglas Macmillan, Bloomberg Tech

It’s a reversal of roles in Silicon Valley’s startup scene: Investors are clamoring for face time with entrepreneurs.

Big Venture Firm Raises the Networking Stakes - Sarah McBride, Reuters

Andreessen Horowitz is aiming to provide start-up companies with business connections that can help them succeed.

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