Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight how businesses can retain talented employees, share the story of an entrepreneurial doctor, provide a guide on how to find the right venture capitalist, and discuss signs that entrepreneurship may not be right for you.

Entrepreneurs: Here’s the Secret to Retaining Your Most Talented Employees – J.D. Harrison, The Washington Post

A panel of young entrepreneurs offer their insight on how businesses can retain talent.

An Entrepreneurial Doctor Isn’t Afraid to Shake Things Up – Cliff Oxford, The New York Times

An entrepreneurial doctor believes that in order to grow your business fast, you shouldn’t have partners.

A 4-step Guide to Finding the Right VC – Bob Ackerman, VentureBeat

A guide on how to find the right venture capitalist for your company.

5 Signs You're Sucking as an Entrepreneur – Jason Freedman, Inc.

Five signs that that entrepreneurship isn’t the right fit or right time for you.

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