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This week’s articles highlight controversial incentives for angel investors, gather startup advice from the movie “Moneyball,” discuss the importance of mobile versus web for startups, and explore how an entrepreneur attracted investors with bad publicity.

Tax Credits for 'Angels' Get Clipped – Angus Loten, Wall Street Journal

The effectiveness of tax breaks for angel investors are coming under greater scrutiny, particularly as states face budget pressure.

Startup Lessons From 17 Hard-Hitting Quotes In "Moneyball" - Dharmesh Shah, OnStartups

What the popular move can teach startups.

Web Second, Mobile First – Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table

Startups should focus on mobile apps first, but the web shouldn’t be an afterthought.

How One Entrepreneur Used the Law of Publicity to Get Investors – Carol Tice, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur’s “all publicity is good publicity” take on securing investors.

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