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This weeks articles highlight the increasing importance of angel investors, profile a VC fund’s approach to funding, share important entrepreneurial lessons gathered by video start-up Capture Your Flag, and feature a Q&A with a man who went from medical student to entrepreneur.

Angel Investors Play Big Role For Start-Ups, Think Tank Says – Angus Loten, Wall Street Journal

Angel investors are an increasingly important source of capital to early stage companies, including in Europe, one recent report says.

New York’s Zelkova Ventures Tries an Evergreen Approach to Funding Startups – Ben Popper, VentureBeat

An evergreen fund allows for success with smaller returns.

The 3 Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn - Karlee Weinmann, OPEN Forum

An entrepreneur’s takeaways from a year of interviewing up-and-coming professionals.

Meet the Start-up Doctor - Tim Donnelly, Inc.

What do hyper-creatives, emergency room nurses, and CEOs have in common? Dr. Aaron Blackledge has identified a particular neuro-chemical pattern. Do you have "entrepreneur brain?"

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