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This week’s articles highlight why a successful entrepreneur decided to become a VC, discuss the classic definition of entrepreneurship, share the results of the World Bank's Doing Business 2012 report, and feature a Seattle group created for young entrepreneurs.

So You Think You Can Be a VC? – Ben Rooney, Wall Street Journal

Why successful entrepreneur Max Niederhofer, founder of Qwerly, decided to become a VC.

What's an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever - Eric Schurenberg, Inc.

This classic 25-word definition pares entrepreneurship to its essence and explains why it's so hard. And so addictive.

10 Best Countries For Starting A Business – Alicia Ciccone, The Huffington Post

The World Bank’s ranking of the 10 countries that provided the greatest ease of doing business.

Young Entrepreneur Social: Seattle Has to Stop Eating its Young – Curt Woodward, Xconomy

Brayden Olson founded the Young Entrepreneur Social, a Seattle-based group aimed at bringing successful under-30 entrepreneurs together for networking events and mentorship programs.

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