Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight Los Angeles as a successful place for start-ups, share the great ideas founders used to start their businesses, discuss how founders define entrepreneurs, and provide strategies on how to avoid failure when starting a business.

6 Reasons Los Angeles Is Suddenly Booming With Startups – David Hochman, Forbes

A list of reasons why Los Angeles is quickly become a popular region for startups.

I Knew I Had a Great Idea When... – John Brandon, Inc.

Seven entrepreneurs share their stories of when they knew they had a great idea for their startups.

21 Great Minds on What it Means to Be an Entrepreneur – Jess Draper, Mashable

Successful founders share with Mashable how they define entrepreneurs.

How to Avoid Being a Startup Failure – Ilya Pozin, Forbes

Strategies on what one startup used to ensure a successful startup.

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