Founders Flash

This week’s articles include a Q&A with serial entrepreneur Maurice Kanbar, feature firsthand business stories from NYC entrepreneurs, explore why venture funds are halting big-name deals, and look at the advantages of Google+ for businesses.

Confessions of a Startup-aholic – Katie Morell, OPEN Forum

Inventor of the multiplex and creator of SKYY Vodka, Maurice Kanbar shares his entrepreneurship secrets.

3 Short Stories from 3 NYC Startups – Dan Reich, Forbes

Firsthand accounts from established entrepreneurs serve as an important backdrop for anyone looking to build a great business.

Some Venture Funds Hit 'Pause' on Big Deals – Pui-Wing Tam, Wall Street Journal

VC’s are looking to invest in fast-growing tech start-ups that aren't as well known and where "pricing is still under control."

You're Not on Google+? Big Mistake. – Marla Tabaka, Inc.

Human Business Works President Chris Brogan says your business shouldn't be ignoring Google+.

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