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This week’s articles highlight crowd-funding platforms for start-ups, the role of Gen-Y in reviving the economy, and the impact of new health care provisions on small businesses. And, a global angel investor  shares some thoughts on lessons learned.

Why Start-Ups Need ‘Crowd-Funding’ – Tom Szaky, New York Times Small Business

Crowd-funding financing platforms can help strapped early-stage ventures, especially social enterprises.

Can Gen-Y’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Revive The Economy? – Dan Schawbel, Open Forum

A new survey shows that 54 percent of millennials want to start a business or already have one. What does it all mean?

What The Health Care Law Will Mean for Your Small Business – Emily Maltby, Wall Street Journal

Key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are set to take effect roughly two years from now.

Serial Entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda On Angel Investing, Brazil And Russia – Robin Wauters, TechCrunch

Internet entrepreneur and angel investor shares his thoughts on investing in emerging markets and general lessons he’s learned as a global angel investor.

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