Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight funding challenges for start-ups and VC investment in clean tech companies, summarize speeches from Y Combinator’s Startup School, and provide reasons to start a business in today’s economy.

Too Many Start-ups Chase too Little Cash – Sarah McBride, Reuters

Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to raise a second round of cash.

Facebook Should Have Stayed in Boston, and Other Quotable Moments from Y Combinator’s Startup School – Wade Rouse, Xconomy

A summary of speeches by Zuckerberg and other founders.

U.S. Clean Tech Companies Get More Venture Capital – Wendy Koch, USA Today

New reports suggest most Americans support the solar industry and venture capitalists are increasing their investments in U.S. clean tech companies.

5 Reasons to Start a Business, Even in This Economy – Forbes

It may be less risky to start a business in a tough economy.

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