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This week’s articles discuss the impact of the entrepreneurial spirit for the self-employed, the other side of Silicon Valley, how small businesses can get an ROI from social media, and what entrepreneurs look for in an executive team member.

When is it Time to Stop Calling Yourself a Freelancer and Become an Entrepreneur? – Amber Leigh Turner, The Next Web

The labels of freelancer, self-employed, entrepreneur are often used interchangeably, but oftentimes, freelancers are more hesitant to call themselves entrepreneurs and miss out on more opportunities.

Going Public In The Other Silicon Valley, Sans Dogs, Pool Tables And Cucumber Water – Connie Guglielmo, Forbes

A look into the IPO of a start-up founded in the less popular side of tech in the Silicon Valley.

How to Get Your Money's Worth From Social Media Campaigns – Jason Falls, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur discusses the best ways to get the ROI from social media.

Would You Hire An Entrepreneur For Your Executive Team? – Scott Gerber, ReadWrite

Eight successful entrepreneurs discuss what they look for in an executive team member.

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