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This week’s articles focus on female entrepreneurs: why aren’t there more of them, should those with children accept the term “Mompreneur,” and could a female be the next Mark Zuckerberg? 

Gender and Job Creation – Why Women Entrepreneurs Lag – Emily Maltby, WSJ “In Charge” Blog

Female entrepreneurs don’t create as many jobs as their male counterparts, and a combination of a factors are to blame.

Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs? – Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table

A man’s point of view.

"Mompreneur:" Own It, Ignore It Or Prove It Wrong – Meghan Cassidy, Forbes

Some women embrace the term “Mompreneur” and others blame it for women-led ventures continued lack of funding.

Will the next Facebook be founded by a woman? – Patricia Sellers, Fortune

There is no shortage of female entrepreneurs. But where are the women who think really, really big?

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