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This week’s articles highlight new ideas from Facebook and Nike that will benefit small business, offer thoughts on starting a business venture alone or with a team, and provide results from a study on social media engagement.

Facebook 'Likes' Small Business – Sarah Needleman, Wall Street Journal Small Business

Facebook expected to reveal plans to give away $10 million of advertising credits.

Nike Betting on Venture Capital in Effort to Step Up Innovation - Olga Kharif and Matt Townsend, Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Company is setting up a Sustainable Business & Innovation Lab to back start-ups.

10 Points On Startup Decision: Alone or As a Team – Tim Berry, Planning Startup Stories

Do you undertake a business venture entirely by yourself, or do you build a team first, then build the business?

What Drives Small Business Social Media Engagement - Dan Schawbel, OPEN Forum

Results from a study on the best ways for small companies to achieve maximum engagement on social networks.

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