Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight why VC’s tend to back a certain type of entrepreneur, how web-based resources allow start-ups to operate with fewer workers, why start-ups don’t need COOs, and how companies can grow in a tough economy.

Why Venture Capitalists Invest In Pigs, Not Chickens – Seeing Both Sides

How VC’s discern which entrepreneurs to back. 

With New Technology, Start-Ups Go Lean – Angus Loten, The Wall Street Journal

The spread of online tools enables start-ups to do more with less.

Three tactics for building a successful business in a bad economy – Peter J. Boni, Entrepreneur Corner

How companies can grow, no matter what the economic climate.

Why Your Start-Up Doesn’t Need a COO – Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table

A VC’s opinion about why start-ups shouldn’t have COOs.

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