Founders Flash

This week's articles include tips on how to avoid making legal mistakes, how to prepare to start a company, and how openness can help start-ups. They also include a cautionary tale on pursuing VC funding. Five Overlooked Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make – Lisa Girard, Entrepreneur Mistakes small-business owners make, and how to avoid them. How to Prepare to Launch Your Start-up – Matthew DeLuca, Inc. Tips on how to prepare yourself to be a founder. 7 Reasons For Your Startup to Skip Stealth Mode - Marty Zwilling, Startup Professional Musings Why openness can help start-up efforts, rather than hurt them. A Failure to Fund – Kent Bernhard, Jr., A cautionary tale from Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, on the downside of chasing $24 million in venture capital funding. This post was authored by Founders Workbench.

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