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This week's articles highlight whether start-ups should engage users or brands first, how VCs screen business plans, where new businesses can safely cut back, and why investors are showing interest in enterprise companies.

Users First, Brands Second – Fred Wilson, A VC

An argument for why start-ups should engage users first, then brands.

Gone in 30 seconds: How Venture Capitalists screen your business plan – Keet Van Zyl, Memeburn

How VCs decide whether to accept or reject a business plan within 30 seconds.

Cut To Grow: Simple Strategies For Building Your Business – Chris Brogan, OPEN Forum

Where emerging businesses can make cuts without compromising growth.

Behind the Glittery Web Start-Ups, Investors See Other Gold – Evelyn M. Rusli, The New York Times

Why investors are raising their stakes in enterprise start-ups.

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