Founders Flash

This week’s articles highlight the underlying importance of creativity in business, and include tips to help you get to the market first and land a great mentorship.  They also include 21 tips on using what angel investor and start-up mentor Ty Danco dubbed the “matchmaker service” between promising start-ups and early stage investors.

The Power Of Small Wins: 5 Questions With Teresa Amabile – Matthew E. May, Founder, Shibumi Creative Works

Interview with author Teresa Amabile on progress, small wins, and creativity.

Why Speed is More Important than Perfection for Your Startup – Naveen Jain, Startup Nation

A case for dispelling the belief that perfection trumps speed.

7 ways to get an industry leader you don’t know to mentor you – Larry Chiang, VentureBeat

How to obtain an industry-leading mentor.

Raising Money On AngelList: 21 Tips From Two Active Angels –

Ty Danco and Dharmesh Shah weigh-in on how to best utilize one of the hottest start-up networking tools on the market.

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